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egg jokes and owen pallett

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Women are described in animal terms as pets, cows, sows, foxes, chicks, serpents, bitches, beavers, old bats, old hens, mother hens, pussycats, cats, cheetahs, bird-brains, and hare-brains…‘Mother Nature’ is raped, mastered, conquered, mined; her secrets are ‘penetrated,’ her ‘womb’ is to be put into the service of the ‘man of science.’ Virgin timber is felled, cut down; fertile soil is tilled, and land that lies ‘fallow’ is ‘barren,’ useless. The exploitation of nature and animals is justified by feminizing them; the exploitation of women is justified by naturalizing them.

Karen J. Warren Ecological Feminism  (via cosmicspread)

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Final Fantasy, Haldern 2009

(nicole just called 2014 owen ‘hot dad owen’ and she literally couldn’t be more right) 

(where is the elixir of youth that owen held otherwise) 

(i love you owen)

question: why am i not married to matthew rhys



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What does this say

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How can we remain true to ourselves without becoming infinitely arrogant and extravagant? People want us to fit in without complaint, and we are completely ridiculous in the solitude we want to preserve—and we cannot justify that. It is not that we fear what we are experiencing, but rather the dreadful result: that after the lived experience we will become numb and assume the same cowardly gesture unto eternity. I hope you won’t be annoyed if these words, which could be uttered only from my point of view, failed to touch on anything of importance to you, if I made the mistake of keeping my remarks too general. But you will surely agree with me that everything depends on our not allowing any of our warmth for people to be taken from us. Even if, for a while, we must preserve this warmth in a less expressive and more abstract way, it will endure and surely find its form.

Walter Benjamin, from a letter to Carla Seligson (via violentwavesofemotion)

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This is honestly the best poster I have found in a while supporting breast cancer awareness. I am honestly so sick of seeing, “set the tatas free” and “save the boobies”. There is no reason in hell a life threatening, life ruining disease should be sexualized. “Don’t wear a bra day,” go fuck yourselves. You’re not saving a pair of tits, you’re saving the entire package: mind, body, and soul included. Women are not just a pair of breasts.



Herr God, Herr Lucifer

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair
And I eat men like air.

Sylvia Plath, excerpt of “Lady Lazarus”  (via georginakincaid)

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cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

Mike Hadreas for The New Yorker, September 2014

Photograph by Pari Dukovic


its called fashion look it up

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rainbow over sheffy #rainbow #sheffield #nofilter

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